Monday, March 1, 2010

Almost more teeth missing that in place?

Well, we had a great weekend with a lot of our family. My brother, sister-in-law and nephew came up to help out with my youth baseball clinic and to spend some time with us. In a little irony of scheduling, my aunt, uncle and cousins also came up to the cities this weekend for a show choir performance and softball in a "bubble" down in Rosemount. So, we all joined together for most of Saturday and enjoyed each other's company, so fun times, and a nice dinner.

It was great to have my brother and his family stay with us, and it was also nice that my wife cooked all weekend. The food was delicious! On Sunday morning, we gave her a break (kind of) and left her at home while the rest of us headed down to Rosemount without her to watch my cousin play a little ball (she pitched well!) and then share a bit of lunch before everyone headed home - Aunt, Uncle and Cousins to Wisconsin, and Brother, Sister, Nephew to Iowa

Fun! Then my son decided that it was time to get rid of that one loose tooth. So, it got some help. By rough-housing a bit on Saturday, he had loosened it quite a bit more, and Sunday evening was the time to get the thing out. So, now we have a legitimate hockey mouth - even if he isn't going to be a hockey player :) The tooth fairy brought him another "brownish, dusty, coin" according to him. "You mean a gold dollar?" I asked. "Yah." :) (with a few gaps in the smile)

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