Thursday, March 11, 2010


After a carefully thought out hour-long trip to the community center pool this Sunday, my daughter was more ready to take on her swimming lessons this week. They were here last lessons for this session ... but thankfully we start spring session next Wednesday again. She put here face in the water (with goggles) to do her tiger paddle and even refrained from crying when she did her dreaded "humpty dumpty" with her teacher at the end of the lesson. Not bad. We'll see where this goes now.

On the other hand, there's my son. Granted, he's had much more experience and is three years older. I'm proud of the way he's been hopping in the pool to help with his sister's lessons, then scurrying over to his own 15 minutes into hers. (Hers start 15 minutes before his. His end 15 minutes after hers.) So far, my son has been doing wonderfully with the front crawl, the breast stroke, the backstroke, the elementary back (I think. I haven't actually seen that one in a while.), and even has started the butterfly. You can see in these short clips how quickly he does the backstroke and how much his body language tells you that he loves being in the water and swimming :)

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