Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lovin' every minute of it!

It is currently 72.7 degrees as I type. Unreal for the last day in March! We've been outside every day over the past two weeks for baseball - even during tryouts we got outside for some fly balls or conditioning every day. I don't believe that has ever happened for me before. Thank You!

This past weekend was a blast. My grandmother came up this weekend to celebrate her 85th birthday. My parents brought her and her friend, Jerry. My aunt, uncle and cousin from Onalaska came up for the weekend as well. And my aunt, uncle and cousins from Shakopee also spent much of the weekend together with us.

It was really nice to be able to go out to eat all together and enjoy and nice meal. We had a beautiful evening at Redstone - Eden Prairie, sharing drinks, dinner and opening presents. Then many of us met at church on Sunday morning and enjoyed a Knight's of Columbus pancake breakfast afterwards. The kids swam at the hotel where my Gramma, Jerry, Aunt, Uncle and cousin stayed. We had some light lunch, then more fun. My Minnesota cousins had soccer on Sunday and the Onalaska relatives had to head back home, but everyone else but my wife, my daugter and I, went to watch my cousins play indoors. (My wife then left on her business trip, and my daughter and I joined the family at my Uncle's house in Shakopee for dinner.)

Monday was enjoyable again, as my parents stayed at our house and my Gramma and Jerry enjoyed their time both at the hotel and with us. It was nice to have my parents help out, since it's spring break and I still had practice everyday. My mom helped fix some baseball pants and helped out SO MUCH with the housework. Thank you, Mom! The kids always love spending time with Mom and Dad, and the past four days were no exception - my daughter cried when they left :( Monday, my dad, my son and I got to see Sun Prairie play DeForest at the Metrodome. Pretty cool. I told everyone that I was scouting, since Park Center will be playing in Sun Prairie later this season :)

The gorgeous days have continued, even though all the family had to head home Tuesday. I feel good about what we've gotten accomplished on the baseball field throughout practice this week. I'm just enjoying it and continuing to work hard ... and lovin' every minute of baseball season - It is here!

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