Friday, March 12, 2010

My crime: nothing but a bad bite. My sentence: 18-24months.

For those of you who didn't know, I got my braces placed on my teeth on Thursday. Both top and bottom. It felt eerily familiar ... as if ... I'd done it before :) Which I had - 25 years ago. Anyway, my teeth are really crowded and tend to shift, creating an uncomfortable bite. My jaw then juts out and I end up with an underbite ... with a slight crossbite. Anyway, it was uncomfortable enough that I decided to get the braces put on to help take care of it. Hopefully I will at least get my front teeth to get back to my normal bite. I get the braces for 18 months and then removable retainers for another 6 months? or a 1 year? Then I have permanent bars behind my front top and bottom teeth for the rest of my life to keep my teeth from drifting. Hey, if I get my teeth back to normal and get rid of that annoying underbite/crossbite, then it'll ALL be worth it. :)

Here's some fun pics the kids took of my mouth today. So far, no sores on my lips and gums (knock on wood). It's anyone's guess how much weight I'll lose now that eating isn't so fun :) ... and this time, unlike 25 years ago, I don't get to stop at Babcock for ice cream after every trip to the orthodontist :(

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