Monday, March 22, 2010

Opening Day

Okay, so this is the day that I anxiously await each year once summer ends and school begins. It's opening day (first practice) for Minnesota high school baseball. Butterflies in the stomach and a million different scenarios in my mind for what will happen today at tryouts.

At least when I look out this year there are no snowbanks or frozen ball fields in the back yard. Now, let's hope it stays that way. We have a nice new turf football field at school that we can practice on (not big enough for a baseball field, but at least we can do fly balls and ground balls). And soon our own field will be ready to go (I'm hoping here!).

The equipment is ready. I've got the names and numbers. I've even got the plan of attack. Now, let's hope baseball season starts with a smile and a "crack" of the bat rather than a grumpy growl and the "thud" of baseballs hitting walls.

Hey. Let's play ball!

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