Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beautiful days, not so beautiful games

So, it's been gorgeous around here. Beautiful weather ... for the kids ... for playing baseball. Absolutely sunny and sixty degrees. My favorite weather. Field could use some water, but I am not going to complain. My son and daughter are loving the weather - getting outside, even getting to the game last night.

Speaking of which ... no so beautiful. Gave up a lot of runs over the last two nights. Hopefully going on the road the next two nights will help us. So far, since we won our first game, we have given up 9, 9, and 20 runs. Last night we did it without the aid of any errors. That's right - our opponent scored 20 runs and we committed zero errors. We did misplay a couple balls in the outfield and not catch 1 or 2 fly balls on long runs that we should've caught. But all in all, the other team hit the ... well, you know .... out of the ball. I was surprised to get the game balls back at the end of the game ... they still had covers on them!

Today's another day. Another beautiful day. Can't wait to get back on the field and do something about our little losing streak. Bengals, here we come - ready to compete ... every day! Deserve Victory.

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