Tuesday, April 7, 2009


How bad do you want something? Bad enough to lose your ego to get it? Will you sell out to a system ... to a team? Will you give whatever it takes? Will you fill the hole? Will you do your part? Will you be a champion?

The world is filled with those who think "me first" and get nowhere. The world is filled with those who want first and do for others later.

Are you respectful? ... enthusiastic? ... unselfish? ... aggressive? ... mentally tough? ... loyal? ... determined?

Are you a champion? Or do you "wannabe" one? Do you play the game, live your life? Or do you live the game, work for success? Wanting to get better ... and helping your teammates, family, friends get better ... everyday?

What's YOUR agenda? What's OUR agenda? The whole is indeed larger than the sum of its parts. It takes an entire roster to fill nine spots on a field, an entire family to raise a child. It takes humility, grace, class, character, and hard work. Will your ego get in the way of where you want to go? Or will your determination and character help lead the way?

Success is not measured by whether we succeed. It is measured by how we succeed. Will your success be measured in small steps ... or by the larger steps of the group? By what you have done for yourself ... or what you have done for and with others? You are a part of something bigger than yourself ... whether you like it or not. You have made a choice - to live, to work, to play TOGETHER! You get nowhere in life alone. We are a team - in our family lives, our communities, our schools, in the way that we worship, work, and play. Each team is a success only because we work together.

Do you want it bad enough to be a champion? Because "everybody on a championship doesn't get publicity, but everybody can say he's a champion!" - Earvin Johnson.

I ask you - success - how bad do you want it?

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