Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Eggs

The big guy and little girl colored Easter eggs tonight. I was impressed with their handling of the eggs. Zero drops. Zero mess. Plenty of beautiful eggs. Of course, my son wanted a "W" on a red one, and a "Cubs C" on a blue one ... so I obliged with the wax crayon - and he was happy!

My little girl is growing up for sure. She was very receptive to instructions tonight - which is a surprise, since her two-year-old independence usually tells her to say "No" a lot. She's a blessing, though. She and her brother each colored eight eggs tonight without any fuss.

When they were done, the eggs went into a special "holder" to dry. The big guy was good at placing them in very gently. Then, we had to take the shell off of one of the cracked eggs (Daddy's fault during hard-boiling process). Same as the fried egg pattern, my daughter ate all the white, but passed on eating the now-hardened yoke. My son could've eaten two eggs no problem, but he had just finished a plate of food for dinner, so one was enough tonight.

Both of them were excited to get their "credit cards" in Gramma and Grampa's cards today. The frog gift card from Target was for "her" and the "normal" Target gift card thrilled "him" beyond normal. It's amazing how simple things can make you happy. Just like watching my kids have fun with Mommy coloring eggs :)

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