Monday, April 20, 2009

Breezy Point Weekend

All the kids up north this past weekend. You can't tell, but we had a blast. Our friends invited us north to Breezy Point on Pelican Lake. No lake front view, but we were right on the fairway of one hole of the golf course. Which was neat to use to play football with the kids. I was surprised to see the lakes were mostly still frozen over - even though the temps reached up to 70 on the day we got there. The indoor pool was great. Newly built and since we have early risers, usually no one to join us there. Too bad the adults had no fun. :) I especially liked taking the lead and winning on the last had of hearts on Saturday night. :) We all talked about doing a vacation like this again. My daughter especially liked groovin' to the music on the patio. Heaven help us, she's a dancing machine. Must take after her mother, huh?

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