Thursday, April 23, 2009

We beat our friends from Champlin Park, 9-3

Our senior pitcher threw a complete game, giving up only five hits. For the most part, we communicated well and picked each other up. We came out and scored 2 runs in the first. The Rebels came back and scored 2 runs in the bottom half. We kept our spirits up and kept scoring. We had a focused defensive effort - zero errors, and only one misplay of a ball for a hit. We played aggressively, stealing a base and legging out a triple, as well as attacking strikes at the plate. We bunted successfully 2 times for sacrifices. We did fail on two bunt attempts - but we were successfull overall. We scored 9 times, leaving only 8 men in scoring position, so we were over 50% on driving runners in from scoring position. We attempted a suicide bunt - unsuccesfully - but, hey, you have to try. We dove all over, got dirty and went all out. We threw strikes - by my count our senior threw 66% strikes. We knew what we wanted to do, did it, and played OUR game, not theirs. Everyone knew their role, from starting pitcher, to courtesy runner and first base coach - and they played it to the best of their ability. Awesome win.

Now - if we only could've remember ALL of our equipment. We forgot our helmets and catchers' equipment bag, so Coach Johnson had to run back with one of the dads to get them. We used CP helmets for our first inning up to bat. Always room for improvement.

3 and 5 on the season with the deadly Crimson coming to our place tonight. Undefeated. Ranked #1? Time for the Pirates to focus and play the way that we can. We haven't won at home yet. Is tonight the night? Only one way to find out. Let's play ball! and Deserve Victory!

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