Thursday, April 30, 2009

My kids are funny ... and fun ... and I love 'em

Two peas in a pod - funny faces and all. Gotta love a good laundry basket picture.

Just so you know, that's dancing they're doing ... I think. They're having fun, so who cares? Right? My son had to have his wrist taped like my starting catcher, by the way. So, Daddy pulled out his pre-wrap and athletic tape, and so we have a "real-life" baseball player in the house. Which is true - since he'll be playing in a T-ball league starting in a couple weeks. He's pretty anxious, to say the least.

And yes, my daughter is wearing underwear! Yeah! Potty-training goin' on! She does really well. Almost no accidents during the day. Still wearing the diapers while she sleeps, but she loves her new underwear and pees well whenever she needs to on the potty.

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