Friday, February 10, 2012

"the Barn"

Went to "the barn" on Thursday. With my son. That's him below. Wore his Jon Leuer jersey.

We watched enthusiasitcally as some omnivorous creatures from the Mustelidae family took some extra time to devour a group of small burrowing rodents.

We sat in the top row, by the way. And that was our view (above). It was cool. We had lots of room and my son could even stand, kneel, sit - whatever he wanted - without disturbing anyone. I think he started one of the "Defense" cheers that arose from our UW Alumni section, as well.

My #Badgershirtstreak continued, by the way ... and the Badgers won in overtime (in case you can't interpret the messages above - or weren't paying attention to college basketball this week). All in all, pretty cool ... although I don't know that I'll ever actually call Williams Arena, "the Barn" out loud. The Barn I remember was way cooler to watch a basketball game in.

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