Monday, February 20, 2012

Pitch 2 Pitch

Saturday was a nice day for activities. My son played in his next-to-last basketball game of the year. I'll get some pictures up later this week. Surprise, surprise ... in case you haven't seen the pics from this winter so far, my son's team is red (just like his fall team), AND ... my son knows how to dribble and pass. I'm so proud of how hard he works, how close he listens to his coaches, and how team-oriented he is. Go Bloodhounds! One more game.

After basketball, we came home, changed, and headed out to the local dome for some 'sandlot' baseball. It was our first time, but I've heard of the company before ( and I thought my son would like it. It was pretty awesome. The dome itself is pretty new, and there ended up being only 7 kids in his age group (6-10 year olds), so they had the entire dome to themselves. They split into two teams (4 on 3) and the instructor pitched while the boys hit, fielded, and ran themselves ragged. The boys all had a blast (including the instructor!) and it was 90 minutes of great fun!

We have two more sessions we've signed up for, but may end up doing more.

Thanks CJ and Matt for putting this together and working with the boys!

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