Saturday, February 25, 2012

Food critic ... again

We were supposed to go to Travail Kitchen in Robbinsdale on Friday night with our good friends, Kim and Andy. It's supposed to be really good. It's had write-ups in the local newspapers and magazines touting it's scratch-cooking local-movement style, chalkboard menu, cooks-as-waiters staff, moderate pricing, and EXCELLENT food. Apparently a lot of food critics have come to take their shot at the place, too. We were SUPPOSED TO go there ... but I have no review for you. We ended up getting backed up and decided that with it's popularity there was no way we were getting in after 6pm on a Friday.

Instead we went bowling.

Well, first we went to dinner ... at the bowling alley. Okay, so the bowling alley had a 'restaurant' attached. Needless to say, it was a bit of a different experience that we would've had at Travail Kitchen. The Park Tavern Bowling and Entertainment Center didn't quite provide 'excellent food', but the company more than made up for it. And the beer was good, too.

On my 'really yucky' to 'really yummy' scale, I'd give the fish fry a 'kind of yummy', the cole slaw a 'really yummy' and the fries a 'kind of yucky' - but of course I was extremely hungry, so everything still vanished. The Leinie's Original on tap added another 'really yummy' to the list, while the atmosphere was comfortable for an establishment connected to bowling lanes. All in all it was another 'kind of yummy' night (though I may be bias based on the fun we had with our friends). Thanks Kim and Andy!

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