Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baseball is HERE!

Yes, I'm still a Badger! Let's get that straight. However ... UW-Madison doesn't have a NCAA baseball program (only 'club' level teams), so we get excited to watch the Gophers play ball. Especially in February. In Minnesota. Inside (of course). And we know a few players now, so that's nice, too.

Took the kids out to the last of the four-game set versus UW-Milwaukee. Got to chat with Kyle O'Shea (fellow ex-Redbird) before and after the game, and watched a fellow Sun Prairie alum (Michael Handel) play a little shortstop, turn a couple double plays, and grab one of only a few hits that the Gophers had on the day.

Coach Oakes gave my son an official Big Ten baseball before the game and we sat first row next to the dugout - which is nice when your Twins tickets are upper deck (not that I don't LOVE every seat in Target Field, but the kids like being close from time to time).

After six stellar innings of 1-1 baseball, the Gophers decided to forget how to pitch. With relief pitchers in for the starter, the Minnesota hurlers proceded to walk or hit everyone they faced in the seventh inning - that is, when they weren't throwing the ball to the backstop or giving up line shots. Kyle got in to throw one inning (the 8th). His pitching line was a modest 1 run on 1 hit with a sac bunt, sac fly, and a ground-out induced. The final score turned out to be 6-1, but fun was had by all in our household clan.

Let's just hope the Gophers can have more fun next weekend when we head back to watch them play in their annual Dairy Queen Classic at the dome.

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