Sunday, February 19, 2012

Food Critic

So, I said I'd give a review of the Nectar Wine Bar & Bistro (Osseo, MN) ...

On a scale of "Really Yucky" to "Really Yummy", I'd give the overal experience a "Kind of Yummy." Of course, I may be bias because of the great company (my wife and our two good friends, our ex-neighbors).

We started off with the Mixed Greek Olives, Shrip Cocktail, and a bottle of La Bete Petite Noir. All were very nice and good "starters." I think all four of us enjoyed at least two of the three. So dinner started off well. The bread and olive oil were also very nice.

After deliberating (and, of course, not choosing what anyone else decided to order), I went with the Beef Tenderloin Bourgogne on Au Gratin Potato Cakes. De-licious. I would say that the entree itself was a "Really Yummy" - maybe even too rich for this palate that does not experience it too frequently.

The night was finished off with after-dinner cocktails (Leinie's Bach for me) at Dick's across the street. I recommend trying the combination of establishments some time, as an early dinner at Nectar is very quiet (and happy hour is nice), while Dick's was also laid back with a number of televisions, but also fairly comfortable for conversation. For us, it was a nice quiet night with our friends.

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