Thursday, August 20, 2009

Always a Packer ... and a Favre fan

So, when Mr. Favre took Mr. Wilf's jet to Minnesota and rode in Mr. Childress's SUV to the Vikings' practice facility, it really broke my heart. How am I, as a die-hard Packer fan living in Minnesota, supposed to deal with the fact that one of my football heros - in fact the only one who ever won MY TEAM a super bowl - is on a team that I live to hate?

My son decided to interject some of his own ideas (or questions that led to ideas, I guess) into the situation. He's been watching ESPN, and, needless to say, Brett Favre has been the top headline all week. On Tuesday, my son asked me, "Do you know that Brett is going to the Vikings?" To which, I responded, "Yes ..." And my son replied, "I hate it when that happens!" (Nice response, my boy!)

Yesterday, he was watching more film of Favre - playing for the Packers, playing for the Jets, and then in a Vikings practice jersey, going through drills. He was asking a bunch of questions, but nothing that was of much to think about, until ... "When the Jets play the Vikings, who do we root for?" - which I cut off pretty much as soon as I realized what he was asking, and said, "the JETS!!!!"

Today, he asked if he could wear something special for our trip out (probably going to see the fishees today and maybe play legos and get some pizza and Chinese for lunch). Can you guess what he's wearing? ....

Brett will ALWAYS be a PACKER! (And we will love the man ...) No matter what Ted Thompson or "the man" himself do. And we will ALWAYS be PACKER FANS! No matter where we live, or what the Packers do to make themselves look bad. Green and Gold LIVES HERE!

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