Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Darling Daughter! :)

It's finally here. She's 3! We kind of celebrated last night with some presents from Gramma and Grampa. Since they need to leave today to head to Iowa, we thought we'd open their gifts ... and Great Gramma T's, too (while all of us were there together). Did she enjoy that?! YES!

Great Gramma got her a double stroller for her babies (since she has Madison and Allison, she always needed two strollers - now she only needs the one). She started by opening that one - and loved it!

Then she also got a pink dancing skirt (that she's been wearing ever since). She loved Great Gramma's gifts :) Her mom and I got her a new backpack with her name on it for pre-school this year. Gramma made her an "art kit" that is a square-form bag that has everything bagged/boxed/velcroed inside and opens up. Nice ... :) The big puzzle with numbers and animals was a hit, too. And she kind of liked the last gifts she opened, too :) ... a lot! A karaoke "music player" - basically a small boom-box with microphone and karaoke abilities (with some CD's to go with it). It wasn't even her birthday and she was already in seventh heaven.

Now it's actually her birthday. Breakfast on the "celebrate" plate and already has the skirt on. Played with the puzzle ... and the bitty bear (another present form yesterday) ... and the music player is going as I blog. Happy Birthday Princess :)

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