Monday, August 10, 2009

PGA Championship - Hazeltine - 2009

... okay, so it was the practice rounds. But really, how close can you get to Tiger? or Stricker during the championship play? Today? ... CLOSE! Got to Hazeltine around 7:15 or 7:30am. Asked the guy at the first tee if anyone was out yet - and low and behold, Tiger had gone off at 6:30am. We caught up with him and watched him play a few holes. We got some free beverages at the AmEx tent (nice "port-o-potties" by the way) and also half of us got free food from another corporate "tent" - thanks Brian (and Honeywell). Have I mentioned what GREAT neighbors we have?!

Then, later we saw on the board that Steve Stricker (remember, I'm a Wisconsin guy! He's from Edgerton, WI ... not to mention #2 in FedEx points and #2 on the money list) was already out on the course as well. We caught up with him at 10 and followed him for the entire back nine. Nice guy! He signed between every green and tee asking some kids to come inside the ropes to sign for them - and even took a picture with two kids from Stoughton, WI on the 17th tee. Awesome!

Happy Birthday to ME!

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