Monday, August 31, 2009

Go, Cubs, Go!

The whole family was supposed to go to Chicago, but my son and I ended up just going with my mom and dad. My wife and daughter stayed back so that my daughter could start feeling better (and she does). But my son and I got to go by ourselves to Wrigley on Saturday and take a Cub victory in. Unfortunately, Sunday wasn't as nice of an outcome, but my son, my dad, my mom and I had a nice time. We got down earlier on Saturday morning and had breakfast at the Salt and Pepper Diner. Then we went in and braved the brisk wind (it was windy as an October day each game) to watch the end of BP, the set-up of the field (drag, water, line, etc.), and the game itself. It was a nice weekend (even if we did miss the rest of our family back in Minnesota). Next time, we'll meet up with our Iowa family at the Lincoln Park Zoo and make sure we all enjoy being in Chicago at the same time. Nothing like listening (and singing) to "Go, Cubs, Go!" after a win AT WRIGLEY FIELD. (Wait 'til next season!)

Go Cubs!

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