Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rough week

So, I really wish I had some nice pictures and great stories to show-and-tell after my most-recent post about a fun weekend. Unfortunately ....

I don't.

It was an interesting ending to the weekend and start to the week ... and the hits just keep onnnn... coming. My daughter didn't sleep really well on Friday night, but was okay most of the day Saturday; then didn't sleep really well Saturday night, and she and I actually missed church because we didn't want her to go to church sick on Sunday morning. She slept horribly again Sunday night, so I took her to the doctor on Monday morning. Prolonged fever - check! Not sleeping - check! Not eating well - check! Sore throat - check! STREP - CHECK!

So, usually no problem - take the antibiotic for the strep and she'll be okay. Unfortunately ...

She wasn't.

My daughter kept complaing of a soreness in her mouth. We assumed she kept meaning her throat - and that it would go away soon. It didn't - and she kept complaining about her mouth. Bloody, swollen gums, and sores on her tongue ... ugggh! Took her in this morning. Another medicine prescribed - this time for herpes simplex 1 (mouth). FUN!

Gladly, she's taking the medicine okay. Not happy about it. Fights it. But she takes it. It hasn't exactly been fun giving her antibiotic for four days now, so I'm sure the anti-viral will be a bit easier ... seeing as it's only a 1/2 teaspoon compared to the 1 and 1/2 teaspon of antibiotic.

And ... all of this changes our fun plans for the weekend :(

My wife and I decided that she (my wife) would stay home with my daughter and that my son and I would stay the course and make the trip to Wisconsin and Chicago this weekend. Originally planned was a nice dinner with our friends in SP/Madison on Friday night; a trip to meet up with our sister and nephew at the zoo in Chicago on Saturday morning; a Cubs game Saturday afternoon, with swimming and shopping a distinct possibility; stay at a nice hotel Saturday night; breakfast and Cubs game again Sunday; with my wife getting to see her aunt (who recently moved to a Chicago suburb from out East).

Scratch some of that :*( And hope that my son and I can still have fun with Gramma and Grampa this weekend. I'll have to try to entertain our friends Friday night without Holly. No zoo. No visit to see Holly's aunt. Oh well. Hopefully my daughter gets better (Yeah!) and my son and I enjoy some Cub victories (Yeah!) and we don't get rained on (Boo!) with the moderate weather that is supposed to hit the upper Midwest.

Life is grand ... and a roller coaster. Good thing for family, good friends ... and baseball!?!

Buck up, sweet princess. Keep taking your meds. Hope you feel better soon :)

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  1. hope Isabel is feeling better soon, and it sounds like you could really use a nice relaxing weekend!! Take it easy.